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Taking your dog from zero to HERO!

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You're just a couple of clicks away from unlocking the training, advice and support you need to teach your dog how to be a productive member of your household.​

The fact that you're here tells me you are ready to get a clear understanding of how dogs work. You have probably been watching lots on youtube, reading books and articles. Absorbing all the free information you can find, and by reputable trainers too. 

But you feel you're still missing something. All this effort and its not going the way you hoped.

You see other dogs that can walk nice on a lead, coming back when called at the park, sitting nicely at the cafe. You just cant understand where you're going wrong.

You have even asked yourself why am I even bothering and it's causing frustration. You know you could be doing better, if only you knew how. If only it was easier.​

I hear you, I've been there.....

You know ignoring the problem wont get you what you really want.

You CAN have the dog you desire, you deserve a relationship where both of you are fulfilled. The freedom to do anything with your dog because the trust and respect is there.

All you need is the right support, knowledge and guidance to show you the way.


Today we had a session with Daniel The K9 Relationship Coach at Dog Club. I cannot speak more highly of Daniel. It was so great to learn from someone who is as equally passionate about their dogs training as I am. Can’t wait to continue this journey and see where it goes. Hopefully some big things in the future for this little swiss lady and I believe Daniel is the trainer to get us there.

Kimberley & Whisper


Joining the Dog Club Community.

I am building a community where dog owners no longer need to feel lost, alone and confused. This is an exclusive club, yet anyone can join. THis is a place where you will get all the support and guidance you need to develop your dog into mans best friend.

No more sleepless nights trying to figure it all out on your own. No more wading through the endless amounts of conflicting information online. Being apart of this community means ill be guiding you through every step to get you and your dog where you need to be. We will be following the a week by week plan to make the learning process as simple as possible. This will help you to grasp each important concept of dog training before being overwhelmed with the next. 

It's packed with theory lessons and practical tutorials, a practical class and ongoing content as the course rolls along. This process helps reinforce the points that were taught earlier in the course through the careful construction of building blocks which teach us so much about ourselves and our dogs.

You will get support not only from me but from our community. Everyone helps each other learn and there is no judgement because we all come from the same place. We'll help you overcome any problem you face as they arise.

This is all about supporting you and your dog everything you need to grow together and thrive. So you never have to feel confused, frustrated or alone in the dark again.

The Community will help you consistently improve your skills and knowledge to be able to train your dog with ease & efficiency.

All the uncertainty and frustration can now be a thing of the past.......

Why Hard Knocks?

Do you want to know the HOW and WHY behind teaching your dog any behaviour? And learn at a pace that it actually sinks in, making the teaching of your dogs as easy as adding steps each week to work towards the long term goal.
This is the course for YOU!!! It comprises of a theory and practical class per week. This is to break down the learning process for you guys just like we expect you to for the dogs!

How joing the Dog Club Community can help you:

Develop a relationship that works for yo
Develop a relationship that works for yo
Develop a relationship that works for yo

Build a relationship that gives you all the freedom and lifestyle you want with your dog.

Learn the theory behind the techniques so you understand the HOW & WHY of modern dog training.

Access to constant advice through a private members group on Facebook. All questions in the group will be answered.

Develop a relationship that works for yo
Develop a relationship that works for yo
Develop a relationship that works for yo

Have confidence that you no longer need to waste your time searching for the answers.

Follow an easy step-by-step success plan developed through many years of experience. With proven results.

Belong to a community of committed dog owners like yourself, experiencing the same journey and wanting your success as much as their own.


Meet The K9 Relationship Coach

I'm Daniel Tropeano and after nearly a decade of research and study, after $thousands spent on coaching and education from the best in the world, after training loads and loads of dogs, after building my dog training business from the ground up.... and after coaching my clients to success with these same methods and principles, you could say I know a thing or two about how to produce a quality dog/human relationship.

But I'm not just a guy who knows heaps about dogs. I was once a dog owner who knew nothing.

Which means I know to my core what matters to the average dog owner. Because I still am one. I have 2 dogs currently and a third on the way. As much as im into Dog Sports and Protection work for my self interests at the heart all of my dogs must be a family pet first. This is the most important thing as I have a young family.

The course we follow is things I have taken from developing each of my dogs along the way. Of which i have had 5 to date. With each new dogs comes improvement to the development of the outcome we are after. So like wine, Dog Trainers get better with age.

These methods have also been tested on hundreds of clients dogs over the past 3 years, which is how long I have been an official Dog Training professional.

Now I'm taking all that knowledge and experience and delivering to dog owners just like you to get you all the success you and your dog deserve. So The School Of The Hard Knocks was born.

It's my mission to help as many dog owners as possible get the best understanding they can of how to live with and train dogs. 

I don't want anyone to have to travel the path I went down with my first dog Caesar (see video below).

So if you're finally ready to take the plunge and do what you know you need to, then come join the Dog Club Community!!!

Course Details

Wk1 – Pet Management – Crate training, feeding, play, house rules and boundaries, system principles.

Wk2 - Classical Conditioning - Building a communication system with the dog, conditioning a training collar.

Wk3 – Operant Conditioning - How to build an environmentally sound dog.

Wk 4 – Proactivity & Engagement – Do something to earn something, shaping & Free Shaping.

Wk5 to 8 – Shaping the hold and out – Teaching the dog to bite a pipe to teach it to "out".

Wk9 to 11 – Motor skills

Wk12 to 15 – Learning Pyramids - Position box, Sit, Drop, Stand. Changing between positions.

Wk17,18 – Stays – How to teach the stay in each position.

Wk19 to 22 – Recall – from teaching the behaviour to proofing in different environments.

Wk23 to 26 – Social Walking – from teaching the behaviour to proofing in different environments

Total cost of the course is $2,500

This can be paid:

Upfront in full

Direct Debit of $50/week

$500 Enrolment fee to be paid to reserve your spot. This comes off the course total.

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